Cooperation between SIBUR and the Government of Samara Region is Very Important for Development of this Region

Alexander Kobenko visited Novokuibyshevsk site of BIAXPLEN Company, which is a part of SIBUR holding. The Minister inspected production of special and bi-axially oriented films, the workshop for production of insulating and composite materials as well as new production of BOPP films, which is under construction now. The Minister discussed the current situation with the plant management as well as prospects for cooperation with the Government of Samara region.

- We rather efficiently cooperate with SIBUR; it is a very important strategic partner and investor in Samara region, - said Alexander Kobenko. – SIBUR is extensively developing now and modernizes its plants. The Company introduces and develops very important approaches aimed at optimization of all production processes and cost price. Also it is very important that the market segments, demands of which are covered now by SIBUR, as a whole, and BIAXPLEN, shall be focused on import substitution.

Introduction of new production capacities (30.5 thousand tons of film per year) in Novokuibyshevsk will result in import decrease. All these aspects are very critical for the region, so the Government is aimed at further cooperation with both BIAXPLEN, and SIBUR, as a whole.

During the meeting, implementation of the program was discussed that covers interaction of large production enterprises and small and medium enterprises in Samara region.

According to Semen Mikhailov, Deputy Head of Novokuibyshevsk in industrial policy and business, who also attended the meeting with the Minister, BIAXPLEN is one of the first companies that actively joined the program to support small and medium business. Today, cooperation between the city administration, enterprises and business representatives has been set up; consultations are being carried out.

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