Sustainable development

In the implementation of the ZapSibNeftekhim project, SIBUR is guided by the principles of sustainable development.

  1. Principle of sustainable resource management (economic dimension): ZapSibNeftekhim will allow SIBUR to significantly increase processing of light hydrocarbons into high added value petrochemicals.
  2. Social principle (social dimension):  ZapSibNeftekhim is expected to create a large number of new jobs (including jobs for local companies). At the peak of construction, the site will employ 16,000 workers. The commissioning will create 700 new jobs at the facility proper and approximately 3,000 additional jobs in associated industries.
  3. Environmental principle (environmental dimension of SD): SIBUR lays a great emphasis on mitigating ZapSibNeftekhim's environmental impact.
    • All processes are emission-free.
    • The facility will leverage state-of-the-art gas treatment systems with improved efficiency of 99.9%. The excellent performance of the above gas treatment systems was evidenced through the effectively reduced levels of air pollution at SIBUR's operating facilities in Tobolsk.
      Air pollution index (2013 reports by the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring of Russia):
      Tobolsk – 2 (low): the index will remain unchanged once the facility is commissioned
      Tyumen – 7 (high)
      Moscow – 14 (extremely high)
    • The closed loop water system at ZapSibNeftekhim eliminates wastewater discharge.
    • The major part of wastes is to be utilised: used catalysts, adsorbents, batteries and fluorescent lamps will be recycled; polyethylene and polypropylene wastes, used catalysts and adsorbents will be sold as recyclable materials.