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BIAXPLEN meets with clients to discuss 2021 results

BIAXPLEN held a round table discussion with clients to exchange views about the BOPP market trends in 2021 and outlook for 2022, current and future customer service, results of a customer satisfaction survey, changes in BIAXPLEN’s sales policy and logistics, and new packaging solutions, among other things. Over 30 companies fr om Europe and the CIS, including partners, took part in the event.

The first part of the discussion dealt with the polymer market evolution and prospects. Georgy Martirosyan, Senior Marketing Manager at SIBUR’s Basic Polymers Division, spoke about the trends seen in Russia’s FMCG market in the past three years. Specifically, he pointed to a fourfold increase in the market share of discounters, a streamlined assortment and structure in flexible packaging, and a twofold surge in online sales as a result of the pandemic. He named the key trends that will likely affect the packaging industry in the coming years: rising demand for packaged products (viewed as safe and convenient), lower production and shipping costs, wide use of resealable products, lighter single-serve packaging, rapid growth in online sales and delivery, a preference for recyclable and recycled solutions, and increased consumption of flexible packaging worldwide. “BOPP sales are growing because of its strong profile, which includes sealability, good barrier properties, and recyclability. BOPP is gradually replacing conventional materials, and this process is set to continue,” he said.

Many participants stressed the need to maintain partnerships that will support mutual growth amid high volatility in the polymer market. SIBUR considers this a priority and underpins it with a customer-centric development strategy, improved customer feedback tools, structural changes, and the launch of eCOM, a B2B e-commerce portal. The latter serves as a unified support centre that helps obtain feedback and better meet customer needs with service improvements.

Pavel Lyakhovich, member of the Management Board and Managing Director of SIBUR’s Basic Polymers Division, underscored the importance of customer feedback and emphasised the focus on partnership-based customer relations, saying: “We have reached a stage in our development wh ere building a long-term growth strategy single-handedly is impossible. Partnership provides a common platform for development. Going forward, we will seek to make more progress in this area. As SIBUR's subsidiary, BIAXPLEN is looking both to support its own development and, together with partners, to create a reliable and confident future for everyone on this platform.”

Marat Falyakhov, CEO of BIAXPLEN: “Regular meetings with customers help build and strengthen our relationships. We need to work together not just as sellers and buyers, but, most importantly, as partners with a common agenda to develop the industry. Streamlined customer service and a transparent sales policy are here to give us more visibility and spur our mutual growth.”

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