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Latest news

01 FEBRUARY 2018
BIAXPLEN's Tomsk site launches manufacturing of metallised films
BIAXPLEN's Tomsk site (BIAXPLEN T) has put into operation a 5 ktpa metallisation unit for the biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film. This is the only machine of its kind behind the Urals.
04 AUGUST 2017
Natalia Morozova gets appointment as Executive Director at BIAXPLEN's Novokuybyshevsk branch
Sergey Stepanov, the branch's former Executive Director, will continue his work in SIBUR's standalone business unit in Tyumen.

19 APRIL 2017
BIAXPLEN offers modified antifog BOPP films
The films were then tested by their key consumers, and, based on test results, were modified to feature better and longer lasting antifog properties, thus becoming an import substitution product for domestic clients. The offer will also be extended to BIAXPLEN’s international customers.
11 APRIL 2017
Marat Falyakhov is appointed Executive Director of BIAXPLEN
Marat Falyakhov, former CEO of SIBUR's Voronezh-based facility (Voronezhsintezkauchuk), has been appointed Executive Director of BIAXPLEN.
23 DECEMBER 2016
BIAXPLEN has sold its insulation and composite materials business to RUSCOMPOZIT
BIAXPLEN (part of SIBUR) has sold its insulation and composite materials business to RUSCOMPOZIT. The facility is located at the production site in Novokuybyshevsk (Samara Region).
28 OCTOBER 2015
BIAXPLEN becomes part of SIBUR's Basic Polymers Division
The integration will ensure leaner management, contribute to the exploration of new markets, and refine the product mix.
23 APRIL 2015
BIAXPLEN provides tobacco producers with russian-made film
BIAXPLEN, part of SIBUR, a leading Russian petrochemical company, has launched a new type of shrinkable BOPP film used by tobacco producers
08 APRIL 2015
BIAXPLEN to showcase the latest BOPP film developments in Italy
From 19 to 23 May, BIAXPLEN (part of SIBUR), a leading Russian BOPP film producer, will be taking part in Ipack-Ima 2015, a global exhibition to be held at Fiera Milano Exhibition Center in Milan, Italy.
06 FEBRUARY 2015
BIAXPLEN increases 2014 output by a quarter
In 2014, SIBUR's BIAXPLEN increased its annual output
30 OCTOBER 2014
BIAXPLEN expands export markets
BIAXPLEN, part of SIBUR, a leading Russian petrochemical company, has expanded its export supplies of biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film to the European market. The first lots of BIAXPLEN products have been shipped to Spain and Bosnia and Herzegovina.