BIAXPLEN offers modified antifog BOPP films

Moscow, 19 April 2017. BIAXPLEN has re-introduced antifog BOPP films (HASL series), which were first offered to the market in 2015.

The films were then tested by their key consumers, and, based on test results, were modified to feature better and longer lasting antifog properties, thus becoming an import substitution product for domestic clients. The offer will also be extended to BIAXPLEN’s international customers.

According to the film formula, the polymer feedstock is completed with special hydrophilic additives to avoid condensation. The modified product is now made at BIAXPLEN’s Zheleznodorozhny site (Moscow Region). 

Antifog films are used in food packaging, for perishable goods such as lettuce or fresh herbs in particular. However, a vast majority of BOPP films for those products are purchased from EU countries.

Imported packaging materials, including BOPP films, make a certain impact on the ultimate cost of goods. Purchasing films in Europe results in a higher cost of domestic products, which deteriorates the consumers’ purchasing power. An improved offer added to the standard range gives clients of BIAXPLEN an opportunity not only to buy from the domestic market as opposed to importing things, but also to come up with the best price for their products.

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