BIAXPLEN provides tobacco producers with russian-made film

BIAXPLEN, part of SIBUR, a leading Russian petrochemical company, has launched a new type of shrinkable BOPP film used by tobacco producers. It has already been included in BIAXPLEN's product range under the name of TSHT.

Surface tension enables multi-colour flexographic or rotogravure printing to be applied to the film's surface. This makes the new BOPP film a product of choice for tobacco producers as a way of changing the appearance of a certain batch of products during promos or contests.

“Previously, tobacco companies had to source those films from foreign producers. However, test results we received in April suggest that this trend might change in the future. Our film's properties match those of similar imported goods,” said Ilya Papusha, Sales and Marketing Director at BIAXPLEN. “The volumes are not really large for our scale, around 10 tonnes per month, but this development is in line with one of the Company's strategic focuses to provide Russian companies with domestically-produced BOPP films. By launching TSHT, we have covered one more segment and got one step closer to import substitution in the packaging industry.”

Commercial shipments of the new film started in early April.

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