Дмитрий Конов

SIBUR is a global petrochemical company adhering to the best business practices and high business ethics standards.

In order to promote honest and ethic business, support positive business image of the company, comply with the anti-corruption legislation, as well as to manage conflicts of interests efficiently, SIBUR adopted several fundamental documents that are followed by each of the company employees, irrespective of the role or position.

The company leadership, including myself, aims to lead employees by example and show strong commitment to the principles and values defined in the corporate documents. You can report any violations of the business behavior and business ethics norms, or corruption activities, in which SIBUR representatives are involved, to the Corporate Hot Line

Dmitry Konov,

Chairman of the Management Board of PJSC SIBUR Holding

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Guidelines. Policy on Conflicts of Interests Management PDF
Methodology Guidelines on compliance with anticorruption laws PDF
Congratulation Procedure PDF