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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

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SIBUR creates Technological Modelling Centre

Tomsk, 23 August 2018. SIBUR has set up a Technological Modelling Centre at NIOST, its R&D division in Tomsk, to develop technical solutions designed to improve equipment performance, boost plant productivity and energy efficiency, and introduce new process flows.

During technological modelling, a virtual prototype of a projected or already existing production unit is created using dedicated software to calculate process parameters of the equipment and product components, and to get recommendations on the optimal process management methods.

The Centre’s experts have a strong track-record in engineering modelling of chemical and process systems, and successfully address practical issues associated with the improvement of production efficiency across SIBUR sites. For example, NIOST specialists carry out annual R&D surveys and examinations at SIBUR sites resulting in new ideas on how to improve the operational efficiency of the technologies used. Modelling serves to implement the idea using a dedicated technological solution. A number of completed projects at Voronezh, Perm, Tobolsk, Kstovo, and other SIBUR sites speaks for the tool’s effectiveness. The tool not only addresses a specific technological problem, but also helps launch a pilot project to train the sites’ experts in modelling. They make use of the models developed by the Centre’s specialists to operate them on an ongoing basis.

“We are now actively building competencies in petrochemical modelling. Our specialists are also set to master modelling of polymerisation and pyrolysis processes, which currently face a shortage of competencies both domestically and abroad,” said Vladimir Bushkov, Head of Process Optimisation at SIBUR.

The Centre’s tools can be used not only to optimise, but also to design new facilities.

In addition to technological modelling, SIBUR is committed to developing other advanced digitalisation tools, such as RTO (Real Time Optimiser), APC (Advanced Process Control) – world-class products for process automation, online consultants – data storage tools and tools advising the operator on optimal process, E-CONS – a tool for visualisation and digital estimation of the cost of the process cycles. All these tools serve to improve productivity and operational performance.


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