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SIBUR prevented the loss of 186 tonnes of plastic pellets into the environment in 2018

Moscow, 23 April 2019. The pan-European trade association PlasticsEurope published a report on its Operation Clean Sweep international programme designed to prevent the loss of plastic pellets into the environment during production and logistics processes. It involves more than 500 companies that account for around 98% of the plastics value chain. Over the past three years, the number of participants has doubled.

SIBUR joined the programme in 2018 and piloted PlasticsEurope's recommendations at its Tver, Perm and Tobolsk sites. The mission of the programme is to keep plastic pellets and other particles out of the environment by introducing advanced warehousing and containment standards which prevent their loss. 

SIBUR's facilities scrutinised the existing and potential sources of plastic pellet losses, drew up action plans to eliminate them, procured additional equipment and supplies, updated instructions and held training sessions for employees. These measures helped to prevent the loss of 186 tonnes of plastic pellets into the environment, with 86% going back to the production cycle and the rest being disposed of as required.

SIBUR also encourages its partners along the production and supply chain to join the Operation Clean Sweep programme: the information about the need to adhere to the policy of preventing plastic pellet losses has been included in the standard forms of transportation contracts with freight forwarders.

“In addition to meeting stringent environmental regulations, we are also looking for other ways to reduce our environmental footprint and implement the best global practices. The containment of plastic pellets, flakes and powders as required by Operation Clean Sweep has a positive effect on the environment. Also, this has a positive impact on our financial performance, as a loss of materials leads to a loss of profits,” said Maxim Remchukov, Sustainable Development Director at SIBUR.

In early 2019, the requirements of Operation Clean Sweep were incorporated into the SIBUR's Integrated Management System Policy by a resolution of the Board of Directors and will be implemented across all of the Company's facilities over the next two years.

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