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SIBUR to transition some of its production sites to the shift camp model as a way to prevent spread of the coronavirus

Moscow, 14 April 2020. Part of employees ensuring business continuity at SIBUR’s production and service facilities are being transitioned to live and work at on-site shift camps (shift camp model).

In order to maintain operating stability, workers (including heads of production units) who have taken coronavirus tests and have been found to be healthy will be isolated from the outside world subject to their consent. Diagnostics comply with the procedure recommended by the Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor). Before starting a new shift after a break, medical tests will be repeated, with the incubation period taken into account.

The effective period of the shift camp model will depend on the epidemiological situation in each specific region. Shifts will last for two weeks.

“Even though transition to the shift camp model incurs additional costs for the Company, we still see it as a viable solution. Currently, all our decisions are guided by employee safety and stability of our business, which we view as our priorities. SIBUR was one of the first Russian companies to put in place strict prevention measures, including cancellation of all business trips and mass events, introduction of remote work for the administrative staff, purchase of disinfectants, and rollout of medical tests for employees. The next logical step is switching to the shift camp model paying due attention to the specific context of each particular production site. The example of other countries shows that strict self-isolation is the most effective tool to fight and fend off the coronavirus,” said Elena Bagreeva, Head of Compensations and Benefits, Social Relations and HR Support at SIBUR.

“The most effective tools to fight off the coronavirus are time, distance and reduction of social contacts. This is the approach of doctors who are now on the frontline in the battle against COVID-19 and therefore have a higher risk of catching the virus. Their key principle is to work as part of an isolated shift or brigade, so that there is no overlapping during shift changeovers. Adoption of this approach at production facilities sets a positive example for all systemically important industries,” said Maxim Chashchin, MD, professor, doctor of the highest professional category, member of the Dedicated Commission on Occupational Pathology of the Russian Ministry of Health.

Transition to the new working schedule is duly formalised in accordance with the applicable labour laws. Payments made to the workers taking over the shift will be based on the actual working time, with 20% of base salary paid on top of fixed remuneration.

Employees will be living and working in a special safety environment to be created for them on site. They will benefit from dormitories, canteens offering three meals a day at the Company’s expense, convenience stores, recreational areas and first aid posts. To support its shift workers, the Company launched a dedicated webpage offering leisure time and personal development tips and helping employees to fill their free time after work. You can use the webpage to take virtual tours of famous museums in Russia and other countries, watch Bolshoi Theatre ballet performances broadcast online, listen to beautiful music, watch sports events or films in online cinemas, read books, choose a workout routine, play chess, do logical problems or tests, and take a corporate training course or a personal development webinar. On top of that, the Company purchases additional household appliances as required by employees (including washing machines and TV sets), puts in place dedicated areas for sports by providing tennis tables, treadmills and other sports equipment, and arranges recreational zones with Wi-Fi and board games.

All of the Company’s sites now have Family Support Centres, with volunteers from among the Company’s employees helping the shift workers’ families to buy and safely deliver food, medicines, household chemicals or pet products, and to fix problems at home. A request for assistance can be filed to the Centre by a shift worker or their family using e-mail, the hotline, or the website request form.


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