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Azot launches new air separation plant

Kemerovo Azot Company has completed an investment project titled the «Reconstruction of the raw gas section with installation of an air separation plant.»

The state-of-the-art, high-tech new air separation plant (ASP) will considerably reduce costs of nitrogen and oxygen production and substantially lower waste formation. However, the major economic effect will be achieved from the production of caprolactam, the synthesis of which apart from benzene consumes vast amounts of oxygen to be produced by the new plant.

The annual economic yield of the company from the implementation of this investment project will total no less than 160 million rubles. When the new ASP reaches its design capacity, energy consumption by the company will fall by 30 million kWh, which according to the current tariffs will save Azot more than 40 million rubles annually. 

The project was launched at the plant in 2006. It was implemented in the framework of a Production Modernization and Upgrade Program with total costs exceeding 400 million rubles. The unit’s performance characteristics are in full compliance with industrial safety requirements and effective environmental standards.

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The reconstruction of the raw gas section with the installation of an air separation unit was implemented in the framework of the Investment Program for Production Modernization and Productivity Upgrade at Kemerovo Azot Company. The investment program of production modernization is being implemented at the company by SIBUR’s another subsidiary, SIBUR-Minudobreniya Company, with the following objectives: to boost performance efficiency, to lower costs and energy consumption, and to improve environmental safety of the company’s performance. SIBUR-Minudobreniya Company is a major shareholder of Kemerovo Azot Company.

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