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Gubkinsky gas processing complex has become the Russian leader

Gubkinsky (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area), October 12, 2010. Today the Gubkinsky gas processing plant held the ceremonial launch of the new facility for low-temperature condensation. As a result of this project, the extraction fraction of associated petroleum gas (APG) at the plant as a whole increased to 99%. With this indicator, Gubkinsky GPC has become a leading enterprise in Russia, raising the level of extraction to compare with the best global standards.

Total investment in the project has exceeded 1.6 billion rubles.

The commissioning of the new plant will allow the annual production of an additional 150,000 tons of wide fraction light hydrocarbons (WFLH), which is then supplied through the system of product pipelines to the SIBUR enterprise Tobolsk-Neftekhim for further processing.

The modernization of the Gubkinsky GPC, consisting of two facilities for processing APG, was started in 2004. Until then, the company operated as a compressor station, separating from the APG only small amounts of stable natural gasoline (SNG). The first installation for low-temperature condensation was commissioned in 2005, allowing the retrieval of up to 95% of the target fractions. In addition, a 32-kilometer product pipeline was constructed to transport WFLH to the condensate line at Gazprom.

SIBUR has been consistently implementing a program to improve the efficiency of its gas processing capacity. In the next two years, SIBUR plans to implement projects to build plants for the retrieval of target fractions at the South Balyksky gas processing complex and Vyngapur compressor station. The total capital investment in increasing the depth of processing is planned to reach 7.4 billion rubles. As a result, recovery rate of mineral fractions at the two plants will reach 99–99.5%, with WFLH production increasing by 500,000 tons per year. In addition, there will be the possibility of an additional extraction of up to 120,000 tons of ethane per year.

For Editors:

In 2009, Gubkinsky GIC processed 2.37 billion m3 of associated gas, which is 8% more than in 2008 (2.22 billion m3). 284,00 tons of WFLH were produced (in 2008 — 273,000 tons), and 2.23 billion m3 of dry stripped gas (in 2008 — 2.06 billion m3).

For more information about the strategy of SIBUR in the field of gas processing, a presentation is available on the company’s official website via the link «Investor’s Center /Presentations /Corporate Presentation».

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