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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

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The 2nd stage of Yuzhno-Balyksky GPP

A new complex was put in operation at Yuzhno-Balyksky GPP making it possible to receive 1.5 billion cu m/yr of associated petroleum gas for processing. The total capacity of the gas processing plant has increased up to 3 billion cu m/yr of APG. Due to modernization and expansion of production, recovery of target cuts at the plant in whole has increased to 95%. The total design gas processing capacity of SIBUR has increased to 19 billion cu m/yr of APG.

The new complex consists of a booster compression station, drying and low-temperature condensation sections, a propane refrigerating plant, and other auxiliary facilities. As a matter of fact, the complex is an individual gas processing plant which is the first facility of a size like that constructed in Russia in the last decade.

«SIBUR consistently carries on expansion of associated petroleum gas processing capacities, - Dmitry Konov, President of SIBUR, said, - We hope for further cooperation with our partners from Rosneft and other oil-and-gas companies which enables an integrated solution of environmental problems and enlargement of the raw material base for production of petrochemical products in the territory of Russia».

The 2nd stage of Yuzhno-Balyksky GPP was designed by NIPIgazpererabotka JSC, SIBUR's engineering center for gas-processing technologies. The complex was constructed in accordance with strict requirements to observance of the process safety. The control has been fully automated in partnership with Yokogawa Company, Japan, the leading world manufacturer of automated control systems. The new complex can receive both high-pressure and low-pressure associated petroleum gas for processing.

When the new complex attains its design capacity, the Company's total anticipated profit improvement will be 4.8 billion rubles a year. Processing 3.0 billion cu m/yr of APG will enable the plant produce 2.8 billion cu m of dry stripped gas and 900 thousand tons of NGL.

The capacity increase is aimed at reception of extra volumes of APG, mainly from the Priobskoye oil field which is being developed by Rosneft JSC.

Modernization of Yuzhno-Balyksky GPP began in 2007. Within the first satge the project of the plant reconstruction was implemented increasing its associated petroleum gas (APG) reception capacity from 0.9 to 1.5 billion cu m/yr.

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See the presentation on the Company's official site,, in Section «Investor's Center/ Presentations/Feedstock Business», for further information on the Company's strategy in the gas processing area and on the production chain in that segment.

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