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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

117218, Moscow, Krzhizhanovsky st., 16/1



Main benefits

Staff compensation and benefits policy

Upon offering competitive wages, SIBUR requires its staff to achieve maximal efficiency and effectiveness. In terms of financial remuneration, significant attention is directed at stimulating performance through a bonus payment system, whereby employees who successfully cope with the objectives before them and who achieve results receive semi-annual and annual bonuses.

Career advancement

In terms of jobs and careers at SIBUR, this is handled on the basis of fair competition in relation to one’s talent, knowledge and effort. SIBUR ensures career advancement opportunities for all its employees regardless of age, sex, nationality, religion or political affiliation, or personal characteristics, pending that they do not interfere with the performance of their official duties and that they comply with the law and do not contradict the ethical principles of our society.


The company creates corporate standards that help employees to develop both managerial and professional skills. All employees have the opportunity to upgrade their professionalism and skill level.

Healthy lifestyle

SIBUR pays considerable attention to maintaining the healthy lifestyle of its employees. The company’s staff members participate in the company’s sports competitions, arranged in the spheres in skiing, soccer, volleyball, basketball, weight-lifting, table tennis and chess. The company annually organises a corporate sporting event, involving more than 15,000 people.

10 reasons to work for us

1. We are part of SIBUR, global petrochemical market player boasting the highest returns and the largest global investment projects. This is the advantage that paves the way for further growth and consolidation of the market leadership.

2. We enjoy a global presence: our unique vertically integrated business model allows to create highly competitive products consumed in the chemical, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), automotive, construction, energy and other industries in 80 countries worldwide.

3. SIBUR is a five-time leader of Randstad Award and winner of the Universum top employers for students rating in “Chemical production” section.

4. We are an international company with a global outreach and offices located in Vienna, Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Guangzhou and Istanbul. The SIBUR International team consists of over 100 people hailing from 16 countries and speaking 25 languages.

5. Our key competitive edge is a transparent remuneration system, with compensation including a fixed base salary and variable performance bonuses. SIBUR’s compensation and benefits strategy uses the market median salary as a benchmark for the base pay calculation, with the total compensation exceeding the benchmark.

6. We pay special attention to staff training and development as one of the driving forces behind the Company’s growth and competitive strength. The initiatives include individual development plans, regular development sessions covering all business lines, and also soft and hard skills training programmes available for all employees at SIBUR’s Corporate University.

7.Most of SIBUR’s existing social programmes focus on protecting the health of our employees, with the staff offered a wide range of opportunities to lead a healthy lifestyle. We seek to promote sports and healthy activities among employees and sponsors disease prevention initiatives.

8.We care not only about our employees, but also about their families. Our social policy seeks to create favourable conditions for all employees of the Company and their families and goes far beyond the statutory programmes required by law.

9. Sustainable development is an integral part of the Company’s strategy underpinning its stakeholder relations. SIBUR views occupational health, safety, environmental protection and comfortable social environments as a priority across its footprint.

10. We create favourable workplace conditions for our people, with spacious offices boasting modern equipment and central location in all regions of operation.

Employees care

SIBUR facilitates career and professional growth of its employees while also implementing initiatives to stimulate the team’s engagement and efficiency. We value our employees’ input and often incorporate their ideas. High levels of automation and digitisation help cut down on rote and optimise processes, freeing up time for more creative tasks and projects.

Development and training programmes

SIBUR runs a corporate university providing the Company’s employees with training and leadership development programmes, and supporting the Company’s innovation projects. The sessions held by both SIBUR’s employees and external experts focus on delivering knowledge together with offering handson experience. These also include joint programmes with the world’s leading universities.

In 2018, the Company launched a corporate business training programme developed by SIBUR’s Corporate University in cooperation with the INSEAD international business school. The programme was designed for two tiers of SIBUR’s management and is being delivered and further refined on a dual basis. The first programme module is intended for the HQ line managers and directors of SIBUR Holding’s facilities, while the second one is for the HQ directors and CEOs of SIBUR Holding’s facilities. Both programme modules are based on the Fair Leadership concept and focus on finance, marketing, strategy and operational management as primary training domains.

They seek to unlock a new scale of business thinking for SIBUR’s managers, while providing an opportunity to study external experience and global trends in various industries.


We pay competitive salaries as well as performance bonuses directly linked to individual effort and achievement.

New employees

We want our employees to feel part of the Company and engage in the work process from week one. This is achieved through an onboarding programme which provides all new employees with:

  • adaptation training
  • a newcomer’s information kit
  • details on tasks for the probation period

Corporate events

Everyday communication at SIBUR is open and friendly, with employees always willing to help each other out. One can always expect support and respect when talking to a different department or a production unit. Corporate sport and cultural events bring our people closer together and help them build friendships outside the workplace.

Selection Process

1. CV

Select a vacancy in our careers section and fill in the application form

2. Testing

  • Verbal elements. Assessment of the ability to understand text fragments and make appropriate conclusions
  • Numerical elements. Assessment of the ability to draw conclusions from numerical data presented in tables and graphs
  • Other tests and assignments (depending on the vacancy)

3. Interviews

Interviews are held with the following Company representatives:

  • HR manager
  • Line and functional managers

4. Job offer

After making the decision, the HR Manager will contact you to discuss further details.

Job application

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