Baker Hughes and SIBUR Sign a Memorandum of Understanding to Expand Asset Performance Management Capabilities and Reduce Carbon Footprint

Bently Nevada, a Baker Hughes business, and SIBUR, one of the fastest growing and largest integrated petrochemicals company in Russia, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to study the opportunity to further expand SIBUR’s asset performance management capabilities and reduce emissions. Signed at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), the agreement will allow the Parties to explore implementation of Bentley Nevada’s System 1 remote condition monitoring software platform and other leading technologies across 2,000+ machines at 10+ SIBUR sites.

“SIBUR’s production processes are well automated thanks to our distributed control systems and the technologies the company has implemented as part of our digital transformation. We employ predictive diagnostics, vibration diagnostics and Industrial Internet of Things to provide control over the dynamic state of our equipment,” said Igor Klimov, member of the management board and managing director of SIBUR. “Baker Hughes innovative technologies can strengthen our expertise in enhancing the operational reliability and efficiency of our equipment.”

“Through Bently Nevada’s System 1 platform, SIBUR can benefit from our integrated suite of technologies to power its digital transformation and help achieve its carbon footprint reduction targets while maintaining safety,” said Rami Qasem, executive vice president of Digital Solutions at Baker Hughes. “Baker Hughes continues to strategically invest for growth in industrial asset management solutions, and we look forward to collaborating on these technologies with SIBUR to strategically manage its assets and enhance its operations.”

System 1 provides critical plant-wide asset health monitoring, analytics and data protection for industrial customers like SIBUR. With more than 10,000 installations in over 90 countries, the platform is a key enabler of digital transformation for industry and delivers operational efficiencies, extends asset lifecycles, and reduces non-productive downtime.

Baker Hughes will also collaborate with SIBUR to explore the use of technologies including flare monitoring, cybersecurity and remote access support to augment System 1’s data monitoring and diagnostic services. Specifically, the companies will explore deploying Baker Hughes technology to enhance environmental performance across SIBUR’s sites and provide analytics through System 1. By optimizing flare performance to ensure 98%+ flare combustion efficiency, this technology can make an important contribution to SIBUR’s intention to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in both the midstream and petrochemicals segments, as well as helping to achieve the company’s sustainable development targets.

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