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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

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BIAXPLEN launches new type of metallised film

Moscow, 18 November 2014 BIAXPLEN, part of SIBUR, a leading Russian petrochemical company, has launched a new type of biaxially oriented metallised heat sealable film. The technology used in the production of the new film (HMIL.M grade) allows consumers to apply printing within 30 to 45 days after the manufacturing date, while the previous technology limited the guaranteed printing period to 15 days.

A new polymer not only extends the guaranteed printing period and enhances adhesion when laminated, but also substantially improves barrier properties of the film. The film preserves aromatic and flavour properties of the packed product better. 

"If a consumer failed to use the film within 15 days previously, the surface activation capacity would drop significantly requiring additional technical treatment for the film to be used. The treatment, however, would not always succeed in restoring the original capacity. Launch of a film with extended activation period gives our consumers an opportunity to mitigate risks related to potential changes in the product's technical specifications. It makes larger film batches possible streamlining logistics costs. Purchase of the new BOPP film does not mean extra costs as the price remained the same," said Ilya Papusha, BIAXPLEN Sales and Marketing Director, commenting on the advantages of the new film. 

Currently, the new film is being produced at BIAXPLEN facilities in Kursk and Novokuybyshevsk. The extended film activation period makes it possible to arrange shipments from the above facilities to non-CIS markets.

The Company's R&D staff are currently researching other BOPP films.

For Editors:

Activation of the polymer film surface is intended to step up surface tension and consequently enhance polymer adhesion to printing inks, lacquers and glues leading to a dramatically increased resilience of the paint coat and strength of the film splicing.

Activation of the BOPP film can be carried out both on the production line and at the printing and lamination facilities.   Throughout the extended activation period, film can be used for printing and lamination purposes to manufacture the final product, i.e. food packaging.

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