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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

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In 2009 the accident rate at SIBUR's enterprises decreased

The Company struck the balance of activity in the field of occupational health and industrial safety in 2009.

Due to complex measures taken at SIBUR in recent years, the accident rate (LTIF)* in 2009 was 0.48. SIBUR's figure is by 8% lower than the average figure (0.52) of the members of the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP)**. The number of injured workers decreased by 13% in 2009. About half of all incidents were concerned with trivial injuries resulting from falling. For the first time there were no fatal cases for the last seven years.

In 2009 new corporate standards for internal investigation of accidents, and key safety rules were developed and approved at SIBUR. As a result, transparency of accident reporting (LTAFR)* in 2009 at SIBUR also exceeded the average figures of OGP. Because of increase of transparency of account procedures, the number of local industrial incidents increased by 33%. Meanwhile, no considerable damage to the process equipment and environment was inflicted.  

In order to increase employees' motivation and responsibility, an integrated KPI (key performance indicators) system and a practice for estimation of performance efficiency of enterprises in the field of occupational health and industrial safety were generated.

More than 600 of employees were trained to effective skills of safety system management under the contract with DuPont international company.

The Company's main tasks in the field of safety in 2010 are the same – decrease in risk of accident occurrence and workers' deaths, and improvement of the occupational health and industrial safety management system.

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* Lost time injury frequency (LTIF) and Lost time accident frequency rate (LTAF) are the basic global indicators of companies' performance in the field of occupational health and industrial safety. 

LTIF = (the total working hours lost due to injuries) х 1 million man-hours / (the total working hours worked)

LTAFR = the ratio of the number of fatal cases, temporarily disabling injuries, and slight nondisabling injuries. It is directed at detection of slight injury risks that permits taking efficient preventive measures against more serious incidents.

** OGP – The International Association of Oil and Gas Producers. OGP members include private and state-owned oil, gas, and chemical companies, service operators, and national and regional associations.

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