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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

117218, Moscow, Krzhizhanovsky st., 16/1

Information for our partners and clients

There have recently been incidents of SIBUR's clients and other consumers of fuel and energy products receiving quotes and commercial offers from persons who illegally use SIBUR's trade names and trademarks.

Using the trade name and other corporate details of SiburTyumenGaz, the said persons, whose ID remains unknown, offer oil products that purport to be manufactured by SiburTyumenGaz. Product quotes are sent from; in the name of a Dmitry Peskov, who claims to be Marketing Director of Somatlorneft.

SIBUR hereby officially announces that it has no connection whatsoever to any of the persons involved in these fraudulent emails. If you are a business interested in buying SIBUR's products, please refer to SIBUR's electronic trading platform on

Should you receive any dubious quotes for SIBUR's products, please report the same to SIBUR Holding's Economic Security Department at +7 495 777 5500 (ext. 34–87 and 36–50) or by email

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