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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

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Modernization of the Vyngapurovsk compressor station has been completed

Modernization of a low temperature separator (LTS) at the Vyngapurovsk compressor station has been completed. The heat-exchange equipment has been optimized in order to increase the associated petroleum gas (APG) intake capacity.

Due to measures taken, the annual APG intake capacity has increased from 1.26 bln m3 to 1.4 bln m3, and the operating rate of the LTS has increased by 30 thou. tpy of broad fraction of light hydrocarbons (BFLC) to 230 thousand tons per year.

It should be remembered that the LTS at the Vyngapurovsk CS was put into operation in August 2009, making it possible for the first time at the enterprise to separate BFLC from associated gas received for processing in the amount of up to 200 thou. tpy, and to bring the quality of dry stripped gas into compliance with the engineering specifications of JSC Gazprom gas transport system. An 80 km product pipeline was constructed for BFLC transportation from the Vyngapurovsk CS to JSC Gazprom condensate pipeline.

The entire volume of BFLC is supplied from Vyngapurovsk CS toTobolsk-Neftekhim where expansion of the central gas fractionation plant up to 3 mln tpy of BFLC was completed in 2009. The increase in processing capacities sets up a reliable raw material base for the projects implemented by the Company for construction of new plastics manufacturing complexes.

«An important stage of establishing an integral complex for associated petroleum gas processing and independent transportation of petrochemical feedstock in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug has been completed, – SIBUR President Dmitry Konov said. – Construction of a loading railway rack in Noyabrsk will finalize this work.»

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Noyabrsk Gas Processing Complex (Noyabrsk GPC), located in the South of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, consists of the Muravlenkovsky GPP, and the Kholmogorsk, the Vyngayakhinsk and the Vyngapurovsk compressor stations, plus a product pipeline system.

BFLC is a mix of hydrocarbons; it is used as a feedstock by petrochemical enterprises for further separation and processing to liquefied petroleum gases, monomers, polymers, and the final products thereof.

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