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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

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SIBUR and Leader MC Established Joint Manufacture of Innovative Geomaterials

The petrochemical Group of SIBUR and the Leader-Innovations Private Investment Fund of High-Risk (Venture) Investments under the management of Leader MC have run their joint facility OOO Plastic-GeoSynthetic for development of modern geosynthetic materials research and production center at industrial site in Tulskaya Oblast.

''The partnership between SIBUR and Leader aims at efficient utilization of hydrocarbons, improved combination of high-tonnage manufacture of polymers and high-performance polymer-based products'', Dmitry Konov, SIBUR’s President says. ''The project provides for manufacture of modern innovative materials which considerably increase durability of roads and building structures''.

''The key investment priority of our venture fund is industrial innovations the best way to implement which is to undertake joint projects with top Russian businesses. We see in SIBUR’s project the opportunity to participate in implementation of industrial innovations preparing to make a qualitative leap in performance of the country’s infrastructure-related projects, a high-efficient team drawing its strength on resources of huge production company, and of course very strong business'', Sergei Kerber, Head of Management Board, Investment Projects and Initiatives of Leader MC says.

The share of SIBUR (both direct and indirect, through ОАО Plastic, its subsidiary) in charger capital of the new enterprise is 66.67% at present, and that of Leader-Innovation is accordingly 33.33%. The General Director of OOO Plastic-GeoSynthetic was appointed Vyacheslav Gorodilov. 

At its first stage, the joint venture will focus at implementation of already started projects intended to create new production facilities at OAO Plastic’s industrial site, i.e. for manufacture of flat geogrids and non-woven geofabrics. By late 2010, the total design capacity of the joint facility is expected to reach 3 thousand tons of geogrids and approximately 10 thousand tons of non-woven fabric per year.

On the next stage, the facility’s products are to be utilized in manufacture of composite geomaterials used in hydroinsulation, slope erosion protection, and reinforcement of road bases.

Research units of OOO Plastic-GeoSynthetics, together with the industry’s research institutes and SIBUR’s NIOST Center will focus on development of second to none in Russia  innovative products which have to ensure further increase of their durability and exposure-proof qualities. The operations of the joint venture are also intended to inspire the development of Russian petrochemistry, stimulating demand for polymer feedstock.

For Editors

The Leader MC is the Russia’s largest managing company in terms of total assets under its management and one of the most reliable companies at trust management market. The total asset value managed by Leader MC amounts to RUR 314,69 billion (as of 31.12.2009.) Key activities of Leader MC include trust management of pension reserves of nongovernmental pension funds (NPF), management of insurers’ assets, individual pension savings, assets of public and private unit investment funds, and assets in federal funds. Its customers are 13 NPF and 4 insurance companies including GASFUND NPF, Blagosostoianie NPF, Electroenergetics NPF, LUKOIL-GUARANT NPF, Norilsk Nickel NPF, Gasprombank-Fund NPF, OAO SOGAS and others. The Leader MC has BB Fitch rating (with stable forecast, and Maximal Reliability degree), AAA rating of the National Rating Agency, and Expert PA A++ rating as ''Exclusively high (the highest) level of reliability and quality of service''. 

On 26 August 2008, the Federal Financial Markets Service (FSFR) has registered the Leader-Innovation’s Trust Management Policy for management of private unit investment funds of high-risk (venture) investments. Organization of the Venture Fund of Leader-Innovation was completed by December 19, 2008. The Fund’s value is RUR3 billion of which RUR 1.5 billion belong to the Russian Venture Company and other RUR 1.5 billion to private investors.

SIBUR is a leader of Russian petrochemical market, producer of more than 100 various items. The manufacture chain of this company covers gas-processing operations, manufacture of monomers, rubbers and plastics, mineral fertilizers, tyres and rubber products, as well as plastic processing. The Group includes 34 Russian enterprises employing tens thousand people. The company maintains product- and division-based method of management.

Major shareholder of ОАО SIBUR Holding is GasPromBank Group. The duties of sole executive authority were delegated to OOO SIBUR Managing Company.

Mr. Vyacheslav Valerievich Gorodilov is Head of the ''Ceosynthetics'' division of OAO Plastic-GeoSynthetic.

Mr. Gorodilov was born in Perm in 1977. In 1999 he has graduated from the Perm State Technical University with degree in ''Chemical Technology of Fuels and Hydrocarbon Materials'' and qualification of ''chemical engineer''. In the years 2006 and 2007 he studied at economic department of the Perm State University and finished with qualification of ''Oil and Gas Business Manager''.

From 1999 to March of 2008 Mr. Gorodilov has worked for ОАО Sibur-ChemProm (Perm). His career stretches from gas separation machine operator to deputy director of production reconstruction and development. Since March of 2008, he has been serving in ОАО Plastic as Director of Production Development. Currently, he is also the Director of ''Geosynthetic'' division of ОАО Plastic.

Geosynthetic materials are used in construction and reconstruction of motor roads and railways, excavation operations and pipelining, infrastructure development of oil and gas fields. One of promising options is using of geogrids in mining sector especially in coalmines.

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