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SIBUR announces the 2nd International Competition for Innovative Ideas

Moscow, 1 March 2011. SIBUR announces the Second International Competition for Innovative Ideas in the Production and Use of Petrochemicals. The contest is timed to coincide with the International Year of Chemistry, which is being held around the world in 2011.

In contrast to the First Competition for Innovative Ideas held in 2010, the list of nominations covers a wider range of issues and includes the following sections:

  • innovative solutions in the production and use of synthetic rubbers;
  • innovative solutions in the production and use of plastics;
  • innovative solutions in the production of monomers for synthetic rubbers;
  • innovative solutions in addressing environmental problems associated with the production and use of petrochemical products.

Preference will be given to ideas which have been proven in practice by experimental results. The total prize fund is 2.4 million rubles.

The competition is held among teachers, researchers and students of educational and industrial research institutes in the sector, and employees of organizations involved in the processing of polymers and major companies including SIBUR. However, participation in the competition is open to any interested individuals in Russia and abroad, who should send notification by November 1, 2011 to the email address

A more detailed description of the procedure as well as an application form for participation in the contest are available on the company's website at "products and services"/"business support services" / "R & D and innovation"/"competition for innovative ideas" or this link.

The main objective of the competition is the search for innovative ideas in the production and use of chemical products aimed at expanding the market for polymeric materials and the upgrading of the petrochemical industry in the country, as well as the overall increase of the share of processing industries in the structure of the national economy.

Background information:

The first Russian competition for innovative ideas in the use of petrochemicals, organized by SIBUR, was held in 2010. It received over 90 entries in three sections: "Synthetic rubbers", "Synthetic rubbers in SIBUR's product range", "Polypropylene" The total prize fund was 1.5 million rubles.

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