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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

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SIBUR APG Processing up 3.3% in 2011, Petrochemical Production up 6.7%

Moscow, 8 February 2012: In 2011, SIBUR’s gas processing plants received more than 18 bln cubic metres of associated petroleum gas (APG) for processing, a 3,3% increase on 2010 (17.5 bln cubic metres). Production of dry stripped gas totalled 15.8 bln cubic metres, 2.9% ahead of 2010.

The total volume of petrochemical products produced in 2011 exceeded 14.4 mln tonnes[1], 6.7% higher than the output in 2010 (13.5 mln tonnes).

Mineral fertilizers output in 2011 increased by 3% to 3 mln tonnes. More than 13.4 mln units of tyres were produced, 54% more than in 2010[2] (8.7 mln units).

As a result of the sale of the non-core tyre and fertilizers production assets at the end of 2011, these businesses will no longer be included in the Company’s accounts as of 2012.

In 2011 SIBUR’s total investment allocated for the modernisation and construction of new facilities exceeded 55.5 bln rubles. Major completed projects included the launch of a pipeline network in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, the commissioning of a railway complex for NGL storage and loading in the Noyabrsk Region, and road geotextile production lines in the Kemerovo and Tula Regions. Works on the construction of major polypropylene production facilities are continuing in Tobolsk, as are facilities for PVC production in the Nizhny Novgorod Region, thermoplastic elastomer production in Voronezh, expandable polystyrene (2nd tier) in Perm, and a terminal for LPG and light oil products in the Leningrad region.

Performance by type of product (thousand tonnes)[3]:

Intake of APG (bln m3) 16,817,518,0
Dry stripped gas (bln m3) 14,815,315,8

Petrochemical Products (thousand tonnes) 200920102011
Natural gas liquids (NGL)3 585,0 3 954,5 4 175,8
Stable natural gasoline (SNG)806,0 760,8 759,1
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)3 348,7 3 397,9 3 624,9
Monomers, liquid and monomer-containing hydrocarbon fractions1 902,8 2 129,9 2 115,6
Synthetic rubbers339,5 433,5 427,6
Polymers595,4 592,0 564,7
Organic synthesis products968,8 1 054,9 1 171,9
Fuel components690,8 630,6 742,5
Other528,4 571,9 839,6
Total:12 765,413 526,0 14 421,8

Non-core products 200920102011
Chemical fertilizers (thousand tonnes)2 777,1 2 955,0 3 042,2
Tyres (mln units)7,6 8,7 13,4

[1] The consolidated volume of petrochemical products in 2011 amounted to 125,000 tonnes, produced by companies that are part of OJSC “SIBUR- Fertilizers”. In connection with sale of SIBUR-Fertilizers JSC, the production at these facilities will be not taken into account in 2012.

[2] Additional volumes of tyres produced by Amtel group’s plants.

[3] Taking into account the volume of the joint venture with “TNK-BP” - LLC “Yugragazpererabotka”

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