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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

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SIBUR expands range of exports to China

Guangzhou (China), 19 May 2011. At the largest petrochemical exhibition in Asia – Chinaplas (Guangzhou, China) - SIBUR provided an assessment of the prospects for Russian-Chinese cooperation in the petrochemical sector.

The respective press conference involved SIBUR Vice-President of planning, logistics and sales support Oleg Makarov, Vice-President and Head of the Plastics and Organic Synthesis Division Sergei Merzlyakov, representatives of the Russian Consulate in Guangzhou, as well as the leading Chinese media.

In 2010, China accounts for more than 14% of SIBUR’s export sales, amounting to 312 mln euros (with that figure being over 934 mln euros for the Asian region on the whole).

The Company sells a diversified line of products on the Chinese market, primarily polyethylene, nitrile rubber and butyl rubber.

The partnership with SIBUR offers Chinese consumers a number of advantages, noted Sergei Merzlyakov. This ensures a stable supply owing to our own resource base, European quality at an affordable price thanks to large-scale production in Siberia, the positive experience of long-term relations, and the unique properties of polymers with a wide brand assortment.

China continues to be the most promising region for SIBUR exports, and the company aims to expand its range of products namely in this direction. In 2011, SIBUR sales in China could grow by 5-7% in monetary terms. “In the future, all products that the holding produces may be delivered to the Chinese market through a trading house that was especially established last year. Accounts receivable are carried out in numerous currencies, including yuan, which enables working with small-sized customers that have a capacity of about 100 tonnes of supplies per month,” noted Oleg Makarov. In addition, some products from SIBUR’s largest investment projects, particularly “Tobolsk-Polymer” polypropylene, will be exported to China.

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