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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

117218, Moscow, Krzhizhanovsky st., 16/1

SIBUR increase release of liquefied hydrocarbon gases

Production upgrade was completed at the gas-processing enterprise Nyagangazpererabotka LLC. It increased production of the technical propane-butane (TPB) by 52 thousand tons, which is up to 180 thousand tons per year, as a result of deeper processing of associated petroleum gas, and additional extraction of the desired cuts.

Total volume of investments in the project implementation exceeded RUR 460 million Eventually the targeted increase of the enterprise’s revenue will make RUR 140 million per year. Extraction of the desired cuts as a result of performed work grew from 51% to 70%. By 2010 this indicator will reach 75%, and the total volume of the С3+ release will reach 270 thousand tons per year. 

In September start-up and pre-commissioning work were finished at the plant, and currently production is running at full capacity. As a result of the upgrade basic technological processes were automated, and the piping system was renovated. Also the equipment at the nitrogen recovery plant was replaced, exterior heat supply networks and boilers were reconstructed, boiler blow pipes were replaced, reserve loading platform for tank containers was built to provide for failure-free products shipping.

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SIBUR plants in Tobolsk, Perm, Chaikovsky and Nyagan produce about 420 thosand. tons of TPB. With the reconstruction completion in Nyagan this volume will be increased by more than 10%. TPB is used as raw materials for further processing at SIBUR enterprises. Besides, TPB is sold to consumers as gas fuel for vehicles.

Nyagangazpererabotka LLC processes associated petroleum gas coming from oil fields of TNK-BP and LUKOIL. The plant produces dry stripped gas which supplied to the Gas Transmission Network of “Gasprom”, as well as TPB and stable natural gasoline (SNG) that are shipped to consumers with railway transport in tank containers.

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