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SIBUR Launches Production of New PP Grades

Moscow, 10 April 2015. This year, SIBUR has added new advanced polypropylene (PP) grades to its product mix. The grades are included into the production plans of the Company's facilities and are already available to customers.

SIBUR's Tomsk-based facility, Tomskneftekhim, has developed and launched PP H263 FF, a grade used in the production of nonwoven geotextiles as a component for personal hygiene products, including diapers. In this unique solution, PP is 100% free of substances such as phthalates, in line with best practices in the segments of hygiene and other sensitive products.

Another product added to the mix of SIBUR's facilities in Tomsk and Tobolsk is PP H350 FF. The grade is designed for the nonwoven geotextile segment to meet the needs of processing companies that use PP with higher melt flow rates. On top of that, the new grade contributes to a better tactile quality and softness of hygiene product textiles.

Going forward, SIBUR plans to launch the PP H081 CF grade, a specialised solution for cast polypropylene (CPP) films. Designed for metallised films, the new product will be added to the range of flexible packaging solutions. Pilot batches of CCP film are currently being tested with the Company's consumers.

"Today, we are proud to say that the quality of SIBUR's polypropylene grades can match that of the best global producers. Our success is the result of the joint efforts of SIBUR's corporate R&D Centre NIOST and the entire team involved in developing the Company's range of basic polymer grades," commented Vadim Gayfiev, Business Development Director, SIBUR's Basic Polymer Division.

SIBUR is committed to ongoing development and improvement of its basic polymer grades. To date, the Company's production sites have introduced specialised products for various segments, including thermoformed items, BOPP and CCP films, pipes and fittings, sheets for thin-walled products, and hard and soft packaging. Through continuous improvements, market intelligence, and search for new opportunities, SIBUR is best positioned to come up with better product offering to help its clients enhance their processing efficiency and competitive advantages.

SIBUR continues to develop its regional sales network, building long-term partner relationships and upgrading its technical support to fully meet its customers' needs.

For more information on the Company's basic polymer products, please contact the Technical Support of SIBUR's Basic Polymer Division: +7 495 777 55 00 (*6279) or Moscow PP and LDPE Sales Representative Office at: +7 495 777 55 00 (ext. 4175), +7 919 967 71 02 (Alexey Golovin), e-mail:

If you are interested in buying SIBUR's products, please refer to SIBUR's electronic trading platform on

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