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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

117218, Moscow, Krzhizhanovsky st., 16/1

SIBUR Optimize the Raw and Commodity Supply System

The Company has begun implementation of the SCM - Supply Chain Management project aimed to save logistical costs, optimization of the raw and finished products stock level, and improvement of client service.

The project provides for centralization of management functions of the supply chains starting from purchase of the fresh raw materials and ending with delivery of the finished products to its end users. The whole process is supposed to be entirely automated by integrating of the existing autonomous software products into a uniform SCM IT-system.

SCM implies placing exact responsibility on divisions and employees for each just-in-time supply with minimal expenses. Owing to the appropriate integrated system of KPI, efficiency of the processes as a whole and the contribution of each division will be supervised.

The methodical assistance in execution of the project will be provided by the international company Accenture, the winner of the competitive selection for the role of the adviser that has significant experience in similar projects.

Implementation of the project is planned for the end of 2010. SIBUR is the first Russian company that started the implementation of the international system SCM in the national petrochemical sector.. According to the company specialists’ research a possible financial effect from introduction of SCM can make more than 1 billion rubles a year.

For Editors:

The concept of SCM (Supply Chain Management) is focused on supply of the necessary quantity of raw, materials and commodities of certain quality within the required time with the minimal expenses. Introduction of SCM makes it possible to take into account the production time cycles, the traveling time of the raw, and the loading efficiency of the production facilities in accordance with the dynamics of the markets.

According to the leading world research companies, before introduction of SCM, about 60 % of the current assets of production plants can be frozen in the stock reserves. This being the case, the companies receive, on the average, about 10 % less of the turnover because of lack of the necessary goods in stock. According to the statistics, perfection of the supply chain management improves economic performance of the companies of the petrochemical sector and contributes to the warehouse stock reduction, lowering  the order processing cost and time by 20 %-40 %, and increase in the shipment quantity up to 25 % by the target date.

SCM system has been introduced in such leading world petrochemical corporations as BASF, Dow, Sabic, Du Pont, and others. 

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