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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

117218, Moscow, Krzhizhanovsky st., 16/1

The Executive Board of SIBUR LLC, the management Organization of SIBUR Holding JSC,

30 November 2009. The Board of Directors of SIBUR Holding JSC formed and approved a newly established collegial executive body of the management organization – the Executive Board of SIBUR LLC.

The decision on establishment of the Executive Board of the management organization followed a considerable number of issues in SIBUR LLC operation that require collegial consideration and decision making. At the same time the Executive Board of SIBUR Holding JSC will continue to consider issues of strategic development of the Holding as a whole.

The elected members of the Executive Board of SIBUR LLC are:

  • Dmitry Konov, President;
  • Vladimir Razumov, Senior Executive Vice President;
  • Aleksey Filippovsky, Vice President on Finance and Economics;
  • Mikhail Karisalov, Vice President – Head of Hydrocarbon Feedstock Business Unit;
  • Sergey Merzlyakov, Vice President – Head of Plastics and Organic Synthesis Business Unit;
  • Andrey Zhvakin, Vice President – Head of Synthetic Rubber Business Unit;
  • Kirill Shamalov, Vice President Business Administration Support;
  • Mikhail Mikhailov, Vice President Corporate Management and Development;
  • Pyotr Degtyaryov, Vice President Operations;
  • Anatoly Yezhkov, Vice President Security;
  • Konstantin Mashinsky, Vice President Administration;
  • Sergey Komyshan, Head of Capital Investment and Investment Project Division;
  • Vasily Nomokonov, Head of Technology and Procurement Division;
  • Victor Fiveg, Head of Strategic Development Division;
  • Oleg Makarov, Deputy Head of Synthetic Rubber Business Unit – Operations;
  • Anton Matvienko, Deputy Head of Plastics and Organic Synthesis Business Unit – Operations.

Dmitry Konov was elected the Chairman of the Executive Board of SIBUR LLC. The Executive Board of SIBUR LLC will focus on operational matters of management organization activity:

  • approval of annual business plans and performance reports of structural divisions;
  • approval of the annual corporate charity and sponsorship program;
  • making decisions on establishment and abolition of internal collegial consultative bodies;
  • approval of major projects and programs for organizational development of SIBUR LLC and for particular functional vectors;
  • approval of internal regulatory documents.


For Editors

SIBUR LLC is a 100% associated company of SIBUR Holding JSC and functions as a management organization. All employees of the SIBUR Head Office work in SIBUR LLC. SIBUR Holding JSC is a holding structure that holds all blocks of shares of associated production plants.

AK Sibur JSC is a 100% associated company of SIBUR Holding JSC; it conducts no business operations, and services the debt accumulated by the Company by 2003.

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