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Voronezhsintezkauchuk has signed a contract with a U.S.

Voronezh, 24 August 2010. Voronezhsintezkauchuk and the U.S. company Air Products have entered into a contract to build a new air separation plant and for the continued supply of the industrial gases produced to meet the needs of the enterprise. Taking part in this event were Andrei Zhvakin,Vice President and Head of SIBUR’s Directorate of synthetic rubbers, Fedor Kirsanov, Director of SIBUR’s department of production, Graham Rhodes, Vice President of Air Products, Robert Mills, Managing Director of Air Products, Alexander Gusev, Deputy Governor of the Voronezh region, and Victor Kuklinov, General Director of Voronezhsintezkauchuk.

This scheme, used by SIBUR for the first time, contains an obligation on the contractor to supply the necessary volumes of industrial gases during the independent construction of the installation and provide the operation of the air separation equipment at their own expense. The company, in turn, will build the necessary structures and communications, will provide a site for rent, and will ensure the acquisition of a fixed volume of industrial gases at a predetermined formula price.

Outsourcing the supply of industrial gases allows the company to achieve the savings needed to upgrade the service equipment, as well as reduce ongoing costs for maintenance and repairs, and due to this to channel funds for the development of profile production.

Voronezhsintezkauchuk’s existing facility, consisting of four air separation plants, is engaged in the production of nitrogen, oxygen and compressed air for the production of synthetic rubber and latex. These main capacities were put into operation at the end of the 1970s and require major renovation.

The new plant will be fully automated, and will only require two employees to operate it. The capacity of the new installation will be up to 3,000 cubic meters of gaseous nitrogen per hour and up to 16,000 of dry compressed air cubic meters per hour, which will cover Voronezhsintezkauchuk’s existing needs.

The planned date of commissioning of the new production is 2012, after which Air Products will supply industrial gases to Voronezhsintezkauchuka for fifteen years. When the new installation comes into operation, the old production will be closed down.

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Air Products corporation ( delivers a unique range of products, services and solutions, which include atmospheric gases, process gases and specialized materials for increasing the productivity of production processes and technological materials for chemical production.

The corporation was founded in 1940. To date, Air Products corporation occupies one of the leading places in all major emerging markets. Its annual corporate income is 8.3 billion dollars. It operates in more than 40 countries. The company has more than 18,000 employees on its payroll.

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