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Corporate governance

The corporate governance system of Kazanorgsintez is designed to support the strategic goals set by the Board of Directors. The Company seeks to strike the right balance between production efficiency, long-term resilience of its business model, and shareholder value growth.

Corporate governance principles of Kazanorgsintez:

  • Transparency in relations with investors, shareholders, creditors, and other stakeholders
  • Timely and accurate disclosures about the Company's operations
  • Equal treatment of shareholders with every opportunity to exercise their rights
  • Compliance with the Principles of Sustainable Development on the part of executive bodies responsible for managing the Company
  • Continuous external and internal control over the Company’s financial and business operations by the management

Sustainable development

We do everything in our power to increase the environmental effectiveness and consistently reduce accident rates at our production sites. Among other things, we contribute to the development of protected natural areas, deal with national and local ecological issues, and create effective environmental monitoring and management systems.

By putting in place clean production sites and offering people environmentally friendly materials, we uphold our commitment to the planet and future generations.

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