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Dividends are part of the Company’s profit or free cash flow paid to shareholders based on the type (ordinary, preference, founder’s, and other stock) and number of shares they hold.

Dividend policy

The dividend policy of Kazanorgsintez seeks to solidify the Company's competitive strengths, increase its capitalisation, build a sustainable business model, and maximise return on shareholder investment.

The General Meeting of Shareholders approves the decision on dividend payout based on the recommendation of the Board of Directors.

Taxation of dividends

Dividends shall be paid to shareholders less of withheld taxes in the amount, manner, and timeline stipulated by the applicable laws and international agreements of the Russian Federation.

The personal income tax rate depends on the tax residency of shareholders. Residents of the Russian Federation are subject to two tax rates:

  • 13% if the annual income of an individual is up to RUB 5 m
  • 15% if the annual income of an individual exceeds RUB 5 m

The base rate of personal income tax for residents of foreign countries stands at 15%. The rate may be reduced under a double taxation treaty.

If a shareholder is entitled to any tax benefits, they may submit to the tax agent documents supporting their entitlement to such benefit.

Contacts for shareholders

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