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We have created a dedicated framework to secure SIBUR's compliance with laws, industry standards, and other mandatory requirements. Its elements have become part of all our operations.

Honest and ethical conduct principles are set out in our Code of Corporate Ethics, which contains a set of key rules and standards applicable to all employees. The compliance system is widespread at all SIBUR enterprises and continues to actively develop and scale.

Committed to high ethical standards, SIBUR creates equal opportunities for all its counterparties. In 2020, we approved the Code of Business Conduct of Counterparty, which outlines standards and principles underlying mutually beneficial cooperation:

  • Strong business reputation
  • Compliance with laws and universally recognised standards of corporate ethics and business conduct
  • Zero tolerance of corruption
  • Respect for human rights and freedoms
  • Conflict of interest management
  • No financial incentives to SIBUR employees
  • Protection of confidential and insider information
  • Care about employee health and occupational safety
  • Environmental protection and compliance with relevant laws
  • Timely reporting of actual and potential violations of the Code

Independent ethics and compliance hotline

If you become aware of unethical or unfair conduct related to SIBUR operations, please report it via any of the channels below.

We guarantee that your personal data will remain confidential and your report will be duly investigated.

You can send us an anonymous message or leave your contact details for us to get in touch with you. We guarantee that all information received will be treated as confidential in accordance with the applicable laws.

Collecting and processing of the data is the responsibility of an independent operator, Business Solutions and Technologies.

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