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Quality assurance policy

Nizhnekamskneftekhim implements the Integrated Management System Policy of SIBUR LLC and SIBUR Holding Enterprises for HSE and Quality.


Our mission is to constantly evolve and make the world a better place.

Employee health and safety, environmental protection, and product quality are our strategic priorities. Our process-based and risk-oriented business approach helps us use the available resources efficiently and factor in possible system limitations while also reducing the risk of accidents and yielding new opportunities conducive to the Company’s successful and sustainable development.

To this end, we maintain and develop an integrated management system that meets the requirements of international standards ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.

We develop new products, improve production processes and increase the efficiency and environmental friendliness of our operations to make our contribution to conserving natural resources.

Our investments help accelerate the transition of the Russian economy from a resource-based model to higher value-added manufacturing, boosting the nation’s overall resilience and competitiveness. By using state-of-the-art technologies, we unlock the scientific and educational potential.

We see the challenges of today’s rapidly changing world as a driving force and leverage the opportunities and potential of the petrochemical industry to shape a better future for people and society.

Our strategic priorities

  • Fostering a zero-accident culture at production facilities, engaging employees in continuous improvement work and encouraging responsible behaviour at all levels, maintaining a safe working environment for all employees and contractors
  • Сontinuously improving the management system, implementing digital tools, increasing process safety and efficiency in technological operations
  • Reducing the negative impact on the environment, ensuring rational use of water resources, implementing the best available environmental technologies and practices
  • Ensuring compliance with international requirements and technical regulations in the field of chemical safety, minimising the use of hazardous and highly hazardous chemicals in the production process
  • Raising environmental awareness, supporting cooperation with government and non-government associations engaged in environmental protection
  • Following the Operation Clean Sweep principles to prevent plastic pellet loss to the environment
  • Implementing R&D projects aimed at polymer waste recycling and use of renewable feedstocks and energy
  • Sharing best sustainable practices with our partners, helping customers comply with the product safety and sustainability requirements
  • Introducing resource reuse technologies and ensuring progressive implementation of circular economy principles
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