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Nizhnekamskneftekhim introduces schoolchildren to petrochemical production

Students of the 9th grade of school No.15 visited their chefs - a synthetic rubber plant - with an introductory tour. What professions are most in demand at NKNK, what is the salary of workers, how long will it take for a young worker to be entrusted with leading the process on his own? The children received answers to these and other questions during the excursion.

On December 2, a comfortable bus delivered future petrochemists to the territory of the first industrial zone. The route included a visit to workshop No. 1417 of butadiene and hydrocarbon feedstock plant - the firstborn of the petrochemical industry in Nizhnekamsk, as well as the polystyrene production facility, where plastic used every day in everyday life is produced.

The end point of the excursion was workshop No. 1509 for finishing and drying of SKDN rubber. Here the schoolchildren were awaited by the chefs, who talked not only about the peculiarities of the process duties, but also gave them a chance to touch with their own hands the still warm rubber bale removed from the drying line. In the workshop, the kids saw how the products were packed and rolled off the conveyor. The excursion was arranged and conducted by Elvira Dolotkazina, the assistant to the general director for work with municipal authorities.

For a direct acquaintance with chemical production, schoolchildren annually become participants in excursion programs with a visit to the territory of industrial zones and production facilities. The excursion combines clarity and accessibility of perception with the ability to analyze, compare, and make a choice. During the excursions, the content of professions specific to petrochemistry is revealed. Children learn to analyze independently professions, get acquainted not only with the content and nature of work, but also with the means, tools and working conditions, the requirements imposed by the profession on the personal qualities of a person.

Meetings are held accompanied by heads and specialists of departments, with the presentation of information about plants, products, careers and professions, about the goals and main tasks of the company, showing videos about the Company. Students are told about the opportunities for professional and career growth, the stages of professionalization, and the benefits provided to young workers and specialists.

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