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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

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SIBUR, Ministry of Natural Resources, and Russian Environmental Operator sign cooperation agreement to foster Russia’s environmental development

Vladivostok, 4 September 2019. At the Eastern Economic Forum, SIBUR, the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and the Russian Environmental Operator, a public law company aimed at building a comprehensive system for management of municipal solid waste, stepped into a cooperation agreement revolving around Russia’s environmental development.

The agreement aims to create an efficient system of collection, processing and recycling of municipal solid waste based on global best practices in the realm of circular economy, as well as to implement innovative waste disposal initiatives. The joint efforts contribute to achieving the targets of the Environment national project by facilitating efficient industrial and consumer waste management in Russia.

For its part, SIBUR is starting preparatory work on an investment project to incorporate polyethylene terephthalate (PET) flakes from used packaging into the production process for primary PET at the Company’s POLIEF facility in the Republic of Bashkortostan. SIBUR's plan, if the project ends up being implemented, is to produce pellets containing primary and secondary polymers while increasing the total PET capacities.

PET is one of the most widely used polymers globally, with spheres of application including plastic packaging for beverages, synthetic fibres, various packaging materials, and medical supplies.

Dmitry Konov, Chairman of the Management Board at SIBUR Holding:

“Sustainability is among SIBUR's guiding principles. The market and society demand that companies use recycled materials, and we aim to deliver as we work on various investment options to implement the recycling of plastic packaging. The key prerequisite for successful implementation of circular economy projects is the partnership between businesses, the regulator, and the public. Right now, we see numerous opportunities for such cooperation in Russia.”

Dmitry Kobylkin, Russian Minister of Natural Resources and Environment:

“The Environment national project is gaining increasing interest and support. What is particularly valuable is that big social  initiatives attract major industrial leaders with extensive competencies. It is also important to see small and medium businesses engage in the transformation and provide their own contribution to our project. SIBUR Holding, the gas processing leader and an technologies innovator, is committed to engaging in the waste management reform launched this year. The Russian Ministry of Natural Resources, the Russian Environmental Operator and SIBUR have agreed to join their efforts under a tripartite agreement. Together, we will look into global best practices in circular economy investment projects and applications of best available technologies to find optimal solutions to promote MSW collection and disposal, including various forms of plastic. I am confident that such cooperation will result in achieving the targets set for The Environment national project and improve the quality of life on a national scale.”

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