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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

117218, Moscow, Krzhizhanovsky st., 16/1

Technical support


SIBUR manufactures a wide range of petrochemical products.To ensure their proper use and profitable sales, we provide professional technical support

Through technical support, we assist our customers in selecting, testing and further using our products.

The petrochemical business technical support is a one-stop shop for all matters regarding the use of SIBUR products.

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Our mission

We intend to continuously improve our technical support to meet and anticipate customers’ needs.

Our top priorities are customer focus, mutual respect and long-term partnership to ensure robust growth of our business and the business of our customers by providing timely, reliable and professional technical support.

We owe our expertise to a strong team of skilled professionals with insights into the current and potential market needs, which enables us to manufacture high-quality competitive products.

Technical support key functions

Handling customer requests

  • Identifying causes and solving issues related to product quality or supply
  • Reviewing and meeting customer technical requirements

Technical consultations

  • Providing technical recommendations on the application of grades and products
  • Consulting on product properties and specifications
  • Providing recommendations on processing modes applicable to SIBUR polymers
  • Providing technical documentation on products (TDS, technical specifications, certificates)
  • Informing customers about SIBUR’s new products

Product tests

  • Organising and holding customer tests of SIBUR’s new and batch products
  • Handling requests for updates of the existing product portfolio
  • Operational support for the processing of SIBUR products remotely using augmented reality (AR) glasses

Digital technical support

  • Increasing the customer’s operating efficiency by implementing comprehensive recommendations and solutions based on advanced analytics (big data)


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