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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

117218, Moscow, Krzhizhanovsky st., 16/1

Diversity and engagement

Our close-knit team is SIBUR’s core value. We believe that a corporate culture based on diversity, respect and partnership is key to talent and leadership development.

With this in mind, we foster a culture of diversity and inclusion across a range of strands within the Company.


To us, diversity means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognising our individual differences: gender, age, race, place of birth, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religious and cultural beliefs, work experience, years of service, physical abilities, and social status.


Inclusion is a core element of our corporate culture, where diversity and equality are fostered in an environment of respect for all stakeholders that is conducive to unlocking the unique potential of our partners and employees and encouraging an open exchange of ideas without social and cultural barriers and prejudices.

Our key D&I principles


Our D&I approach relies on leveraging the value of diversity among all stakeholders to achieve long-term effective development goals.


Our decisions to hire, promote, and reward employees are based solely on their professional skills and performance, with no kind of prejudice whatsoever.


Our business practices ensure equality of opportunity throughout the employment cycle, providing employees with a work environment free from any form of harassment and prejudice.

Personal contribution

Each employee, regardless of their position and professional status, contributes towards achieving equal opportunities and creating an inclusive environment at SIBUR, while also promoting our values outside of the Company.

D&I policy

In addition to adhering to our D&I principles, we also make the following commitments:

  • Maintain and promote a culture of diversity and inclusion at all organisational levels to create a work environment conducive to free exchange of ideas and free from any kind of prejudice
  • Take a zero-tolerance approach to any form of discrimination in the workplace
  • Follow the D&I principles in recruiting, developing, and retaining talent to provide equal opportunities in career development, training and advancement as well as decent working conditions and remuneration free from discrimination
  • Support efforts to build diverse teams and encourage diversity initiatives
  • Develop long-term cooperation and partnerships within SIBUR and with all stakeholders based on respect, trust, integrity, equity, and equality of opportunity
  • Nominate candidates to the Board of Directors and senior and mid-level management positions based on their qualifications and professional experience to ensure a diverse range of directors’ skills and backgrounds to make the best decisions
  • Adhere to the principles of business integrity and transparency; embrace diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility in our operations; fully comply with all applicable laws; and attach great importance to human rights and health and safety at work

Our D&I targets
through 2025

Quantitative targets

  • Increase employee engagement to 80%
  • At least double the share of women in the Management Board and senior management positions compared to 2018

Corporate practices

  • Develop a comprehensive D&I programme and integrate the D&I principles into our key by-laws and corporate practices

Social investment

  • Launch a long-term interregional project to promote social inclusion
  • Launch a special initiative under the Formula for Good Deeds programme dedicated to social entrepreneurship development

Gender equality

Women account for over 30% of SIBUR’s total headcount, which is comparable to Russia’s leading industrial companies.

We carefully keeps track the share of women at all levels in the company and strive to champion our female employees in their career growth and professional development. In 2020, women accounted for 21% of our medium and high-potential employees, with more than half of them getting lateral or upward promotion in the same year. SIBUR also plans to at least double the share of women on the Management Board and in senior management positions, making this goal part of our 2025 Sustainable Development Strategy.

We seek to get more women into manufacturing and engineering jobs by increasing awareness among females. Girls who complete programmes and internships at SIBUR are changing the widely held perception that the petrochemical industry is for men only.

In 2021, SIBUR ranked among the 25 best companies for women, according to Forbes Woman. In particular, we earned one of the highest scores for our corporate social programmes (financial support for female employees during pregnancy and maternity, resort healthcare programmes for families, and children’s recreation programmes).

Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities regardless of age

SIBUR has a large and growing share of employees aged 30 to 50, who strongly prevail in our total headcount. Those under 30 account for 20% of our team, while the share of workers over 50 has remained virtually unchanged since 2019.

Tailored training courses at SIBUR’s Corporate University and our corporate programmes are available to employees of all ages. Although we had to slow down the recruitment of college and university graduates amid the pandemic, we continued to attract young talent to production roles as part of our First Element and Trajectory programmes for graduates and students.

Employment opportunities for the disabled

SIBUR is committed to creating employment opportunities for disabled people. In 2020, 150 employees with disabilities of all age categories from 25 to over 55 joined our team.

In 2022, SIBUR launched the Sky Is The Limit project in the cities where it operates. It seeks to promote active social and cultural integration of individuals with disabilities, and their involvement into creative and sports activities and the corporate environment. The project envisages a range of activities for both adults and teenagers, including motivational meetings, creative contests, and sporting events.

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