SIBUR, as one of the largest industrial investors in Russia, supports the policy of technological independence and actively cooperates with domestic suppliers of equipment, materials and chemical products for its production sites.

SIBUR is ready to develop suppliers:
Ensure long-term demand, jointly with suppliers create a development roadmap, help in product testing, provide feedback on processes.

The lists of the program on technological independence are available at: equipment and materials, chemical products

The manufacturer of products, in accordance with this List of products included in the program on technological independence, shall ensure that the products manufactured under the program on technological independence do not violate the rights of third parties to intellectual property items applicable in the territory of the Russian Federation

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Sibur, Leading Chemical Companies, the World Economic Forum in Pact for Net-Zero Collaboration Platform

Sibur, Russia’s leading petrochemicals producer, the largest international chemical companies and the World Economic Forum agreed on establishing a breakthrough pre-competitive development platform, designed to accelerate net-zero climate technologies, following two years of analysis and knowledge exchange between the members of the Low Carbon Emitting Technologies, or LCET, initiative.

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