Competitive procedures (B2B / SAP SRM)

B2B (click here) – established platform (procurement of services, qualifying for materials and equipment procurement)
search available for unregistered users

SAP SRM (click here) – a new platform, used for procuring all equipment, materials, and chemical products;
once registered, you will automatically receive notifications of new procedures by e-mail
To register on SAP SRM, click here.

B2B-Center (click here) – backup online marketplace (procurement of services).

TICONTRACT (click here) – backup electronic platform (procurement of logistics services).

For instructions on how to complete the B2B qualification procedure, see «Qualification instructions»)

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Darya Borisova appointed member of the Management Board and Managing Director at SIBUR

Darya Borisova has been appointed as a new member of the Management Board and Managing Director of SIBUR. She will head the Joint Department of Development and R&D established in order to better align SIBUR’s innovation and development projects with the needs of customers.

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