What do we buy?

Current procedures:

PJSC "SIBUR Holding"
  • electrical equipment
  • pipes and rolled metal products
  • technological equipment and spare parts
  • tare and packing
  • overalls, safety shoes and protective equipment
  • general business materials
  • plant equipment
  • pumping equipment and spare parts
  • hardware and tools
  • laboratory equipment and reagents
  • instrumentation and automation
  • cable and wire products
  • stop valves
  • capacitive and heat exchange equipment
  • pipeline parts
  • modular and mobile buildings
  • emulsifiers
  • alkali
  • masterbatches
  • copolymers
  • resins
  • chemical agents
  • reagents
  • solvents
  • peroxides
  • oils
  • acids
  • catalysts
  • gases and gas mixtures
  • antioxidants
  • metal alkyls
  • adsorbents
  • engineering services
  • cargo handling
  • trucking
  • cleaning services
  • consulting, training
  • maintenance and repair of equipment
  • construction, repair
  • design and survey works

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Latest news
Sibur, Leading Chemical Companies, the World Economic Forum in Pact for Net-Zero Collaboration Platform

Sibur, Russia’s leading petrochemicals producer, the largest international chemical companies and the World Economic Forum agreed on establishing a breakthrough pre-competitive development platform, designed to accelerate net-zero climate technologies, following two years of analysis and knowledge exchange between the members of the Low Carbon Emitting Technologies, or LCET, initiative.

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