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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

117218, Moscow, Krzhizhanovsky st., 16/1


SIBUR is committed to maintaining biodiversity across its footprint. It is our duty to protect and preserve the environment for future generations. We support social and environmental initiatives that focus on conserving and restoring flora and fauna.

We contribute to many projects as part of the Company’s environmental effort under of the Formula for Good Deeds comprehensive programme.


Biodiversity map

SIBUR Enterprises
Borders of protected areas
It should be noted that SIBUR's production sites are not located near or on specially protected natural areas. Rare animals and plants included in the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) and the national list of protected species do not live in the regions of presence.

Reforestation initiatives in 2020:

At least 5 million trees will be planted by SIBUR by 2025

  • SiburTyumenGaz volunteers planted 70,833 seedlings in the Nefteyugansk forest facility and conducted embankment landscaping in Nizhnevartovsk
  • ZapSibNeftekhim volunteers planted over 3,000 seedlings as part of a tree planting initiative in Tobolsk and the Tobolsk District
  • Inhabited Urals Charity Foundation for Environmental Awareness together with Sibur-Khimprom volunteers implemented the Green Shield project as part of the Formula for Good Deeds programme; 100 mature valuable trees were planted between the Osentsovsky industrial hub and the residential area
  • As part of the Hurry While the Candle’s Burning initiative in Tver in honour of the Great Patriotic War, SIBUR-PETF volunteers planted tree and bush saplings on the premises of a social rehabilitation centre for minors
  • SIBUR volunteers planted 30 spruces in Blagoveshchensk as part of the Green Bashkiria campaign

Biodiversity initiatives

SIBUR takes part in the Amur leopard conservation programme. Thanks to joint efforts of the parties to the initiative, leopard population grew from 30 to 114 individuals since 2011, while their habitat increased more than 11-fold. According to scientific forecasts, provided this trend is maintained, the species may no longer be red listed in 5–7 years.

In 2019, SIBUR launched the Lapwing Territory comprehensive bird conservation project at its Tobolsk production site. The Company conducts regular ornithological surveys, holds ornithology competitions, educational sessions and various events.

In 2020, SIBUR took part in EuroBirdwatch, an international ornithological flash mob to count all the birds, including migratory, across the area between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. During EuroBirdwatch, the Company held birdwatching and ornithology competitions for students of five schools. The volunteer bird count exceeded 5,000.

In 2020, SIBUR supported the release of 10,000 sterlet fingerlings into the Belaya River in Blagoveshchensk and 27,700 peled fry into the Tom River.

The Company also initiated a study to count the population of Siberian sturgeon and monitor initiatives aimed at the reproduction of aquatic biological resources.

Completed projects

Tobolsk Forest project

SIBUR’s EcoTrail

SIBUR’s Kind Neighbours

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