How to become a supplier of SIBUR?

1. Register on the Electronic Trading Platform ETP SIBUR

2. Pass the relevant qualification procedures

3. Register on the Electronic Trading Platform SAP SRM

4. Check SIBUR ETP for the delivery of your profile items

5. Take part in the current competitive procedure

After going through these steps and if the need arises, we can consider the possibility of a personal meeting.

Latest news
Information on changes in the SIBUR Group structure and JSC NIPIGAS shareholding structure

The General Meeting of Shareholders of PJSC SIBUR Holding has resolved to pay dividends in the form of shares in JSC NIPIGAS held by PJSC SIBUR Holding. The authorised capital of JSC NIPIGAS has remained unchanged. Following the dividend accrual, none of the beneficial owners of JSC NIPIGAS will hold, directly or indirectly, a stake of over 25 percent in the company's authorised capital.

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