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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

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SIBUR adopts Diversity and Inclusion Policy

13 January 2022. At the end of 2021, SIBUR's Board of Directors approved the Diversity and Inclusion Policy. It consolidates the key D&I principles and approaches, signifying another milestone in the implementation of the Company's Sustainable Development Strategy.

One of SIBUR’s 2025 goals is to develop a comprehensive D&I programme and integrate the D&I principles into the main corporate practices. The Diversity and Inclusion Policy, which is based on the relevant experience and vision of SIBUR, is the top-level internal document in the field.

The Policy expresses the Company's commitment to the relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals and principles set out in the UN Global Compact and underpins its aspiration to promote diversity among employees at all levels.

The Policy stipulates principles ensuring that the workplace environment, as well as hiring, promoting and rewarding processes at SIBUR are free of harassment or prejudice of any kind. Moreover, it provides for each and every employee's personal contribution to the development of equal opportunities and inclusion environment within the Company and promotion of the relevant values outside of it.

The document also sets out a number of commitments to diversity and inclusion made by SIBUR. For example, the Company undertakes to prevent any form of workplace discrimination based on different individual characteristics, such as gender, age, nationality, religious beliefs, etc., pay special attention to human rights, occupational health and industrial safety, and adopt the best D&I practices.

Marina Medvedeva, member of the Management Board and Managing Director of SIBUR:

“We believe that diversity and inclusion are crucial to the achievement of SIBUR’s long-term development goals and a Policy adopted at the Board of Directors level will help streamline our efforts to that end. SIBUR is one of the first Russian industrial companies to develop a document that reflects a complex vision of the Company's care for employees and provision of equal opportunities in particular. Regardless of its unique operating environment, SIBUR seeks to focus more on this matter, including by implementing women’s leadership programmes, social projects under the Formula for Good Deeds programme, and other initiatives.”

The Policy is publicly available and posted on the Company’s official website.

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