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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

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SIBUR closes deal to acquire Tobolsk HPP

Moscow, 05 February 2016. SIBUR has closed a deal to acquire 100% of the Tobolsk Heating and Power Plant (Tobolsk HPP) from Fortum.

The Tobolsk HPP was launched as part of the infrastructure to support the Tobolsk Petrochemical Plant (Tobolsk-Neftekhim). In 2011, the Tobolsk HPP expanded its capacity following a successful upgrade. Today, the plant is the only supplier of vapour for SIBUR’s Tobolsk production site, and it also sells power in the wholesale market, acting as the key source of heat for the city of Tobolsk. The Tobolsk HPP has an installed capacity of 665 MW of power and 2,585 MW of heat.

“The Tobolsk HPP is a major infrastructure component of the Tobolsk production site, which is currently among the industry leaders and constantly growing. It was reasonable to make the HPP a part of the single facility in terms of the site’s prospects and power supply for its needs,” said Dmitry Konov, Chairman of the Management Board of SIBUR Holding.

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