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SIBUR supports NEMOSKVA International Travelling Symposium

TRANS-SIBERIAN RAILWAY: 12 August – 8 September 2018. SIBUR has pledged support to the NEMOSKVA International Travelling Symposium, a project of the State Museum and Exhibition Centre (ROSIZO) and the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) launched as part of a wider programme to promote interregional cooperation.

In August and September 2018, the NEMOSKVA delegation will pay visits to 12 Russian cities, including those from within the footprint of SIBUR (Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Tomsk and Tyumen), and will wrap up its journey with a foresight urban culture development session in Tobolsk.

The project aims to raise awareness about local artists and curators, provide a comprehensive analysis of the cultural environment in different regions and strengthen ties in the artistic communities on regional and national levels.

Alisa Prudnikova, commissioner and creator of the NEMOSKVA project, commented, "I love grassroots projects. The starting point for our efforts to build a long-term framework for the NEMOSKVA event was a research conducted on the local level to help us learn more about the pressing issues in the regions today. The travelling symposium was designed to enhance communication channels and engage international experts keen on developing cooperation with Russia in an ongoing dialogue about the present and future of arts in a country of unfathomable vastness. That is why we chose the Trans-Siberian Railway, a horizontal line of exceptional symbolism to the Russian psyche, and 12 cities along its way as the key axis for our project."

Over 60 Russian and international experts will take part in the symposium. They will travel all the way from Moscow to Vladivostok along the Trans-Siberian Railway to get a better understanding of the local culture and communities.

Vladislav Kuznetsov, Director for Business Support in SIBUR's Regions of Operation, said, "A uniform cultural environment is critical to building a common national identity in a big country. Consequently, we need to help cultural projects go beyond Russia's largest cities. As part of our Formula for Good Deeds initiative, SIBUR focuses on projects seeking to create new opportunities for Russian artists and encourage cultural activities in the Company's regions of operation. We hope that the dialogue between the local and international experts promoted by the NEMOSKVA project will boost cultural development in the regions."

Each city is expected to host a number of exhibition-related and awareness-raising events, including the Big Country – Big Ideas exhibition, a review of artistic projects, discussions and public lectures. To find out more about the programme and register as a participant, please go to .

Additional information

The travelling symposium schedule is as follows: Nizhny Novgorod (14 August), Perm (15–16 August), Yekaterinburg (17 August), Tyumen, Tobolsk–Tyumen (18–20 August), Omsk (21 August), Tomsk (22 August), Novosibirsk (23–24 August), Krasnoyarsk (25–26 August), Irkutsk (27–28 August), Ulan-Ude (29 August – 1 September), Khabarovsk (4–5 September), Vladivostok (6–8 September).

NEMOSKVA, a project promoting interregional cooperation in the domain of contemporary arts, was developed by the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (part of ROSIZO) with the support from the Russian Ministry of Culture.

Alisa Prudnikova, art expert and curator, is the creator of the NEMOSKVA project and its commissioner. She has also gained recognition as the commissioner and art director of the Ural Industrial Biennial after winning several Innovation prizes as the founder of the art venue. As a regional development director at ROSIZO-NCCA and one of Russia's leading experts in regional cultural policies and art industries, Alisa worked hard to engage a number of prominent figures from the global contemporary art scene and convince them to participate in the NEMOSKVA symposium.

Formula for Good Deeds, SIBUR's comprehensive charity programme, was launched on 1 February 2016. It covers all key cities in the Company's regions of operation and has six focus areas: urban development, education and science, sports and healthy lifestyle, environmental protection, culture, and volunteering. Since the programme's launch in Tobolsk, the city has seen the implementation of over 150 culture and education development projects and hosted more than 400 cultural events. The "Discovering Siberia. Running around Tobolsk" exhibition and the NEMOSKVA symposium come as a continuation of the large-scale cultural initiatives rolled out under the Formula for Good Deeds programme in an attempt to boost urban development and help create competitive cultural products in the regions.

To find out more about the programme, please go to


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