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SIBUR to take part in a carbon monitoring project in the Tyumen Region

Moscow, 18 March. SIBUR supports a carbon monitoring site (station) project in the Tyumen Region. This facility will be part of a system to monitor climatically active gases promoted by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. The project is to be implemented together with the West Siberian Interregional Scientific and Educational Centre and Tyumen State University and supported by the regional government.

The key purpose of carbon monitoring stations is to develop and test carbon balance control technologies to be followed by creation of a nationwide map of greenhouse gas removals/emissions in Russia. Such facilities are to be built in several pilot regions with the support of regional authorities and businesses. The stations will be hosted by Russian universities, including those in the Tyumen Region, which is a strategic territory for SIBUR.

Creating a network of carbon monitoring stations should enable a full cycle of research activities to assess the removal potential of the areas. In the future, these stations will also help study possible options to increase this potential by creating a plant species mix, including their selective breeding based on local environment conditions and land use methods. In addition, this project of the Ministry of Education is assumed to help develop a research and technology infrastructure for the agricultural and forest management solutions aimed at CO2 removal, and train qualified professionals. Climate impact mitigation is part of SIBUR's 2025 Sustainable Development Strategy, which is why the Company has made it a priority to support such projects.

Dmitry Konov, Chairman of the Management Board at SIBUR Holding:
- Today, there are clear prospects for a carbon border adjustment mechanism to be adopted in Europe that will apply to products from countries lagging behind it in terms of CO2 emissions reduction. The rationale behind these EU plans is understandable, considering the goal of a low-carbon economy. In this regard Russia has a unique advantage over a majority of countries. Given its biological resources, our country probably has the highest capacity for natural carbon sequestration, which offsets human-driven CO2 emissions. And now it's critical to offer an adequate methodology to assess such sequestration capacity. We support the Ministry of Education's project to create carbon farms and expect the research to result in objective metrics of Russia's overall CO2 removal capacity. If it is supported by scientific evidence that the biosphere contributes a lot to achieving Russia's emission reduction targets, it will benefit everyone, including the business community.

Alexey Ryder, Deputy Governor of the Tyumen Region, Director of the Education and Science Department of the Tyumen Region:

- Global climate change is a pressing challenge for all mankind, therefore, nationwide actions involving the scientific and business communities are essential. As we know, forests are the lungs of our planet, and not only because they provide us with oxygen but also as they regulate average global temperatures and carbon dioxide concentration. Natural ecosystems take centuries to evolve, but humanity doesn't have that much time, so it's essential now that we preserve natural formations and manage areas with high carbon removal potential properly. These goals will be supported by the carbon monitoring stations, which will help define the most relevant mix of plant species for certain territories, followed by the scaling of such areas. This will be yet another tool for combating climate change and will also contribute to development of the relevant research, methodology and technology.

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