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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

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SIBUR unveils new SIBEX® polypropylene product solutions

Moscow, 26 October 2016. SIBUR's product portfolio has been complemented by new special polypropylene (PP) grades grouped with the existing special PP solutions under a single SIBEX® product range. SIBEX® competes with the best global rivals and enables processing companies to streamline operations, boost financial performance and cut costs.

In addition to the existing basic PP grades that have proved their value in many applications due to their versatility, the special grades allow to fully unlock the potential of polymer processing equipment and maximise its performance.

SIBEX® is an umbrella product range that includes five special product lines.

SIBEX® Raffia for film thread, PP bag and big bag solutions. Thanks to improved PP properties the speed of processing in thread production can be boosted by up to 15% also adding to the quality of end products.

SIBEX® Rigid Packaging for rigid polymer packaging solutions made by injection moulding, thermoforming and extrusion blow moulding. These solutions make it possible to manufacture end products with thinner cases making them 3–7% lighter without compromising durability. They also improve transparency properties of the end packaging products, which makes them stand out from competition. SIBEX® Rigid Packaging meets the prospective EU safety requirements for phthalate-free polymer packaging. On top of that, a special ultra transparent solution for the thermoforming segment is expected to be released in 2017, which will enable packaging manufacturers to use this product as a substitution of more costly materials.

SIBEX® Pipe for polypropylene piping, fittings and sheets. Using this product line enhances operational performance thanks to improved speed and stability of processing and ensures better end product properties.

SIBEX® Fiber products, including phthalate-free ones, for nonwoven fabric solutions, continuous fibers and multifilament yarns meeting the most recent consumer requirements in the environmental domain and in terms of resistance to environmental stress.

SIBEX® Film for BOPP and CAST film solutions.

“The special SIBEX® product solutions have been tailored to the needs of our customers in various processing segments. They outperform imported peer products thanks to logistical benefits while offering a comparable or higher quality and processability. Besides, the introduction of phthalate-free solutions will drive the competitive advantage of Russian processing companies in both the domestic and overseas markets”, said Sergey Komyshan, Executive Director and Head of Basic Polymers Division at SIBUR.

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