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Vivilen compound containing recycled polymers to be used in manufacturing new packaging for Tikkurila Euro paints

Moscow, 15 December 2021. SIBUR's Vivilen material containing recycled plastic feedstock will be used in the packaging for the TIKKURILA™ (part of PPG) Euro line of paints manufactured in Russia by Mir Upakovki. Eco-labels on the packaging will inform customers that it was made of recycled materials.

As part of its Sustainable Development Strategy, SIBUR has embarked on a project to create industrial technologies for recycling landfill polymer waste, introducing a new Vivilen brand in 2021. SIBUR’s Vivilen compound is the only available product in Russia for manufacturing environmentally friendly plastic packaging from recycled materials with assured quality. The material contains up to 50% recycled polypropylene or polyethylene. In 2022, the Company is planning to start producing a PET solution for food packaging. SIBUR's compounds provide a quality of recycled materials closely compatible to that of primary polymers, without making significant changes in business processes.

“At PPG, we are committed to reducing plastic waste,” said Ekaterina Balon, Tikkurila Marketing Director for Russia, Central Asia and China. “Currently, over 350 PPG Tikkurila products in our key markets have eco-labels, which is the highest rate among producers of paints and coatings. By launching the packaging made of recycled feedstock for the Euro line of paints, the Company is making another important step towards a sustainable business.”

Alexey Sboyev, Head of Marketing at SIBUR: “Vivilen helps our clients achieve their sustainability goals, meeting the growing demand from processors and end users for products containing recycled materials. Through Vivilen, our partners embracing innovation will get a full-fledged platform to respond to the public demand for green solutions. The platform includes joint R&D and communication materials for consumers highlighting the advantages of these solutions, and ensures feedstock quality guaranteed by SIBUR.”

“Mir Upakovki seeks to become a leader in using recycled materials in the production and promoting the circular economy. The packaging solution is in line with the sustainable development strategies of the Company and its partners. The line of cylindrical and shaker-fitting buckets with in-mold labels made of PCR material is an eco-friendly, safe and attractive offer for consumers who care about the environment and value quality,” says Andrey Kalinin, Development Director at Mir Upakovki.

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