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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

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Tula Oblast Administration and Sibur Enter into Cooperation Agreement

Tula Oblast Governor Vyacheslav Dudka and Sibur Vice President and Head of the Directorate of Plastics and Organic Synthesis Sergey Merzlyakov entered into a cooperation agreement for implementation of investment projects at one of the company’s subsidiaries Plastik JSC in the city of Uzlovaya.

In particular, Sibur began implementing an investment project to construct new nonwoven polypropylene fabrics and flat geogrids with capacities of 10,000 tons and 1500 tons per year, respectively. Furthermore, the company is actively modernizing existing styrene, polystyrene and ABS plastics production facilities at Plastik plant. The total volume of investment in the projects amounts over 1 billion rubles.

The Tula Oblast Administration will provide Sibur assistance in implementing the investment projects by allotting a site and other state support measures.

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Geosynthetic materials are used in construction and reconstruction of motor roads and railroads, earthworks, and pipeline laying. In particular, using nonwoven materials and geogrids with high breaking load parameters makes it possible to strengthen road surfaces by dividing bulk material, evenly distributing base pressure, and improving water runoff conditions. According to expert assessments, approximately 35,000 tons of nonwoven polypropylene materials and 1500 tons of geogrids were produced in Russia in 2007, while domestic consumption was 68,000 tons and 16,000 tons, respectively.

Polystyrene foam is used in construction and production of insulation plates for thermal insulation of walls and hanging ceilings (foam plastic), and in production of thin-walled articles and fireproof technical and food packaging. Polystyrene foam is an environmentally safe material. Burning polystyrene foam forms water and carbon dioxide, which is similar to the burning of other organic materials, e.g. wood.

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