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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

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SIBUR develops solution to laminate food packaging

SIBUR PolyLab developed new polymer grades for the food industry.

Substantial part of packaging for meat and dairy products and baby food in Russia is produced by way of thermoforming laminate, which consists of polypropylene and polyethylene layers. The polyethylene layer, which directly contacts with the product, is applied using hot lamination. It preserves packaging intact to keep the product fresh and prevent any oxidation processes. Manufacturers used to make this layer from imported polyethylene grades. Now, these grades are unavailable due to supply restrictions. The absence of a polyethylene layer in the packaging would cut short shelf life and significantly complicate product transportation to areas located far from the production facilities.

Following a request from a packaging manufacturer, experts of SIBUR PolyLab R&D centre developed and tested several new grades based on SIBUR’s products: film grade of linear polyethylene (LL09200FE), metallocene linear polyethylene (F2010M), low-density polyethylene (LD08220FE), and high-density polyethylene (HD03580SB). A blend of these grades will feature a well-balanced set of properties such as sealability thanks to linear polyethylene grades, recyclability due to an optimal combination of LDPE and bimodal HDPE with a high melt flow rate, and strong physical and mechanical film properties owing to a balanced mix of bimodal HDPE and metallocene LLDPE.

The solution is well suited for hot lamination and meets all the food packaging requirements. The proposed Russian-made grades have all the necessary properties to be processed at high-capacity extrusion lines and boast high sealability, which will ensure tightness and integrity of the resulting packaging.

The grades are manufactured at three SIBUR facilities: ZapSibNeftekhim, Tomskneftekhim, and Kazanorgsintez.

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