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The Amur Gas Chemical Complex (GCC) construction site in December 2023: year-end progress

2023 was an important milestone for the Amur GCC project, marked by a change in its configuration and execution schedule. The construction team has completed a large scope of work, with overall construction progress reaching 37%.

Throughout the year, process rack steel structures were erected and underground utilities were built at the ethylene cracking site. In total, 108 units of heavy-lift equipment (cracked gas, ethylene and propylene compressor turbines, columns, heat exchangers, etc.) have been installed and 62 convection sections of pyrolysis furnaces have been assembled.

Over the year, 162 units of oversized cargo have been successfully delivered by sea and river transport with the total weight of 15 thousand tonnes. From the Zeya River port, equipment was delivered to the AGCC construction sites by road transport.

Design, installation, civil works, deliveries of materials and equipment are underway as part of the polymer plant construction scope.

Construction, installation, commissioning and start-up of the 500 kV substation have been completed. In 2023, the Federal Service for the Supervision of Environment, Technology and Nuclear Management (RTN) and UES System Operator granted their approvals for the transmission of 500 kV voltage. At the moment, preparation for equipment tests is underway.

To enable industrial gas (nitrogen and pressurized air) supply for AGCC, the frame of the cryogenic air separation plant building and heating circuit have been built, compressors, receivers and columns have been installed. Assembly of the cooling tower and structural steel installation continue inside the plant.

By December 2023, the site has been prepared for the construction of surface water intake in the Zeya River. Construction of the access road and cutoff wall as well as concreting work for water storage tanks have been completed. The intake design capacity will be over 94 tcm of water per day.

As part of the scope to build the water treatment plant and sewage treatment facilities (STF), process equipment and cable support systems have been installed. The heating circuit of the building is 90% complete. Reinforced concrete and metal works are in progress on the STF pipe rack. Three vertical tanks for process and fire water with a total capacity of 90 tcm are being set up.

The site has been prepared for the construction of the automated gas distribution plant (AGDP), concreting is now complete, access roads and portacabins have been built. Construction of cable racks and laying of gas pipeline strings from the automated gas distribution plant to AGCC continue.

For temporary storage of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), a tank farm is being built for butene, isobutane, isopentane, propane, and butane. The farm will contain 15 spherical tanks to store over 16 tcm of LPG. Installation of support structures, assembly and welding of tanks are now in progress.

To provide accommodation for AGCC workers in Svobodny, several residential houses are being built. Residential Complex No. 1 is 99% finished. All the main C&I and finishing works have been completed. Apartments undergo final preparations for people to move in, statement of conformity for the building has been issued. Residential Complex No. 2 is 51.2% finished. The following works are in progress: construction of walls and partitions, utilities, window installation, cladding, cable laying, and base build.

In 2023, SIBUR and AGCC engaged in 34 initiatives in Svobodny to create a comfortable urban environment, provide support for SMEs and education, protect the environment, and promote sports and culture.

A total of 10,440 people and 382 units of machinery operate at AGCC construction sites.

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